ARES is an official corporate partner of CERAKOTE! We have partnered with Cerakote to maximize the performance of your Mission Timer through the variety of Cerakote's specialized coatings.  You can purchase your timer with a Cerakote coating as your primary body color here.  In addition, ARES is building custom, small batch, Cerakote color ways that will be available throughout the year. 

 You can customize your Mission Timer with:

  • Smoke, a rich dark grey.
  • Eartha medium earthy brown.
  • Junglea flat artichoke green.
  • Sandan earthy green/brown.
  • FDEa medium brown earth tone.
  • Carbon Greya cool, shadowy grey that is glazed with subtle silver metallics. 
  • Mossa sleek, earthy green color that can be used as an O.D. Green.
  • Navya dark, regal navy blue.
  • Firea smooth, scarlet red.
  • Rebela light, plum purple.
  • Storma dark cloud grey.
  • Midnight Bronzea rich dark bronze with a light gold metallic.