Lifetime Warranty

We guarantee our Mission Timers will last a lifetime. We’ve sourced the finest components and hired the most talented watchmakers to build your custom ARES timer.

If our watch fails in the course of normal use, we will replace it. Period. 

What is the ARES Mission Timer

An ARES Mission Timer is a precise timing instrument maximized for intuitive visual display of time measurement across two modes: elapsed mission time (EMT) and remaining mission time (RMT).

ARES® Watch Company is a boutique manufacturer of small batch, individually created American Mission Timers. We live by the rule: one watchmaker, one watch.

From your initial order to our in-house packaging, your ARES® Mission Timer is built for you. Your watchmaker builds your watch every step of the way. While we recognize the value in building your watch specifically for you, we also strive to maintain an inventory of “small batch” pieces in stock. Whether individualized or small batch, your individually serialized Mission Timer is guaranteed for life.

We source premium components from ateliers around the world, and we build and finish as many components as we can in-house. We have the best people making the best timers with the best available components for you, and we stand behind it with the best warranty. All ARES® quartz and automatic Mission Timers utilize premiere Swiss movements, and our watchmakers machine, hand fit, assemble, test, certify, and service each of our watches from our small shop in the Pacific Northwest.

The development of ARES Mission Timers have undergone over 20,000 hours of hard-use, mission-driven, operational testing and evaluation around the world.

ARES Mission Timers

ARES currently manufactures and has in test & evaluation two distinct Mission Timers: the DIVER-1 and the GMT. 

The Movement Inside Your Mission Timer

DIVER-1.  Your DIVER-1 Mission Timer is manufactured with a precision Swiss movement, either quartz or automatic.  

  • Swiss Quartz: ARES currently uses the 715Li 5-jewel gold plated Swiss analog quartz, manufactured by Ronda, with a 10-year lithium-ion battery and End-of-Life indicator
  • Swiss Automatic: ARES currently uses ETA Swiss movements for our automatic DIVER-1 (ETA 2824) and our automatic GMT (ETA 2893-2) that are assembled & tuned by ARES watchmakers, including finishing.

GMT. Your Global Mission Timer is manufactured with a precision Swiss ETA 2893-2 movement, featuring the ability to track two different time zones while simultaneously displaying analog EMT and RMT.

Mission Timer Case, Caseback, Crown & Bezel

  • 41.0mm 316L stainless steel two piece case with individually serialized, engraved, screwback construction
  • 42.0mm 316L stainless steel bezel, featuring countdown timer with C3 Superluminova, clear coat finish, aggressive ‘no slip’ teeth, and 120-click uni-directional countdown mission timer
  • 49.5mm lug to lug 22mm drilled lugs with 1.8mm shoulderless spring bars, supplied with accompanying strap
  • DIVER-1: 10 o’clock ‘fat head’ 7.2mm logo’d screw down crown, featuring aggressive ‘no slip’ teeth and double Viton seals
  • GMT: 10 o’clock & 8 o'clock ‘fat head’ 7.2mm logo’d screw down crown, featuring aggressive ‘no slip’ teeth and double Viton seals
  • DIVER-1: 13.3mm overall thickness
  • GMT: 14.0mm overall thickness
  • DIVER-1: 3.3oz TW
  • GMT: 3.5oz TW

Crystal, Dial & Hands

  • Flat sapphire crystal with inner AR coating
  • Brass dial with C3 printed hour indicators, painted minute indices and logo
  • Brushed stainless C3 hands

Performance & Testing

  • Individually tested and certified, fully assembled, to 100BAR = 3345ft.
  • Anti-magnetic rating 18.8Oe, shock resistant to NIHS-91-10 standards, and thermo-compensated -0 to 50+ C