About Matt

Founder. Owner. Watchmaker.

Before I became a watchmaker, I worked for the CIA.  My entire professional life had been in service - from police officer to Federal Air Marshal Service to the Central Intelligence Agency.  When it ended, I had to decide what was next in my transition to a different kind of life. “Well, if you could wake up tomorrow and be anything, what would it be? my wife wondered, a challenge in her voice.  My answer came clearly and quickly. “I’d make watches,” I said. “I’d be a watchmaker.”

I have been fascinated by mechanical wrist watches and pocket watches and clocks my entire life.  Cheap or expensive, vintage or modern, cuckoo clocks like the one hanging at my Grandma’s house, or mantle clocks, like the one that kept time in my childhood home, with large brass hands and a sing-song quarter hour chime.  Each in their own way are regal keepers of the past and guardians of the future.  I love them all.  I bought my first watch when I was 14, after a summer of picking spinach and saving my money.  My Citizen Promaster dive watch arrived in a yellow scuba tank package, and today, 35 years later, it sits next to an heirloom Rolex- a gift from a mentor and friend.  To me, they are equally wonderful. 

My professional life has been built on precision, integrity, and commitment to hard work and exceeding expectations. These same values are the heart of ARES.   We commit to excellent craftsmanship, service, and exceeding your expectations. We are excited to create our own vision of the regal keepers of the past and guardians of the future. 

Time is the single characteristic that binds all of our lives equally, regardless of who or where on this earth we are.  Time is the only constant that we note as a species, both when we are born and when we die. 

ARES is a tool. We are honored to keep time for you.



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