LASH Ballistic Nylon Straps

ARES Watch Company


Our LASH straps are not only made for keeping your Mission Timer ready on your wrist, but for lashing to your belt, your kit, your bag, or any other equipment. Featuring bead-blasted, machined solid billet, stainless steel hardware to match your DIVER-1, these are our original 22mm custom manufactured and branded 3-buckle LASH straps in our standard nylon colors: Deep Black, Jungle Green, Urban Grey & Desert Rat Tan.

Each strap is comprised of fade-resistant ballistic nylon featuring bead-blasted stainless steel hardware and reinforced stitching. The buckle, measuring 26.7mm at its widest, is engraved with the ARES Arrow A. Weighing merely half and ounce and measuring 1.5mm thick, these 270mm long hard-use straps match the character of your hard-use Mission Timer. Guaranteed for life.


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